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Monday, 14 January 2008

George Bush National Day

As many will know ( if you care or not)
George W Bush is floating around the Middle East.
He was in Abu Dabi on Sunday, which is just one and half hours drive from here, he will not come by road he has airforce 1 and 2 for security, so will fly......
 His next move is to come to Dubai today( Monday)
So yesterday in their infinite wisdom the powers that be decided to start the security on the roads in preparation for today, so they closed off many of the service roads which lead off the main highways enabling you to get to the buildings albeit offices or shops that are parallel with the highway
...thus causing grid lock in the whole of Dubai for the whole day......

( now only in this part of the world would this happen)

Today has been declared a public holiday, it is the only way they can control the traffic. They have also closed off all main highways in the city.
So we are the only country in the world that has a ........
George W Bush National Day
So it has given me time to update my blog....
Here is a picture of the Burg Al Arab hotel, few views of Dubai and also the tallest building in the world, taken on the move while driving my car so not such great picture
We did the "Dune Driving" in my Ford Escape 4x4 on Friday last with a group of 5 cars can you belive my little Ford was the only one not to get stuck, or have any trouble at all. There is also a view of a hotel and souk complex call Madinat, a must see in Dubai.

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