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Monday, 24 March 2008

The Chefs and the Quilts

A Couple of weeks ago here in Dubai, Mala and Shanka the owners of Classic Quilts Shop, ran a International Quilt Show with work shops, bringing 4 international teachers from various corners of the world to tutor. People sent quilts from all over the Middle East and a few other countries It was a great success and will be held bi annually.
I helped hang 125 Quilts the evening before the main show day .... hard work... but the show had the services of a company which made the quilt stands and also did the work of hanging which was a "God send" of course, 4 chaps up and down the ladders.... the down side was these lovely chaps could speak little or no English, but they very soon learnt..."left a bit"..."right a bit" ..."up a bit ".
The show proved very popular and was viewed by all sorts, including the chefs from the hotel.

How great to see some men visit a Quilt Show, I wonder what they were thinking, I bet I can guess, like a lot of men.

" Why, do they buy all that fabric, cut it up and resew it all together again"

This is the overall winner of the show
A wall hanging showing a group of Arab Ladies huddling together in a sand storm.

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