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Sunday, 13 April 2008

Dubai Quilters Guild Show

These last few weeks have been busy, I have the pleasure ( I think that is the correct word) to be coordinator of the Show.
Not such an onerous job with a good committee of other ladies there with you, They all have a job and are executing them well, so I have no fears that all will not be successful on the day.

It is to take place in Zayed University in the Atrium, which is so large that we may take up a quarter of it and that is giving ourselves all the room we could dream about.
So on May 30th..... it is "Show Day " there will be approx. 100 quilts and various other items on display, we will have vendors stalls selling fabric and threads, sewing Machines and notions, also various other crafty items.

There will also be our Charity Quilt for raffle.

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