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Thursday, 10 July 2008

Congratulations Lynne or friends in high places

Lynne Edwards receiving her M.B.E. (member of the British Empire Medal)from Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace on 3rd July 2008.
This is what Lynne had to say about the day...
"It was a great day and Prince Charles said how interested he was in quilts, especially old Welsh ones. He wanted to know more and when he knew I had written books, asked if he could have one….perhaps I should put the Royal Standard over our front door? He also asked if the jacket I was wearing was quilted and made by me(it is a tapestry type, so he can be forgiven for thinking this), so I told him I didn't do domestic sewing, only creative……..."
Lynne is a very valued and dear friend to us all who quilt.
She travels the world from USA to New Zealand teaching and judging, her books are invaluable to the new and experienced quilter.
I have met and been to workshops with Lynne twice since we have been in Dubai and also in UK from time to time......a photograph with me and a few others who took her class, on Not Cathedral Windows .... just look to right handside of blog at the gallery there.
Lynne will be in New Zealand later in the year for Symposium. If anyone has a chance to do her workshops at anytime I recommend you take the opportunity.

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