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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Been Shopping

I had to go shopping for threads and fabric for a class on Stumpwork that I am giving in October here in Dubia, we call these classes "Beyond The Guild". BTG.

Check us out at

Basically if anyone has a item or skill that they canpass on to others; we arrange a class of may be 6 to 8 people and you teach or instruct on the item or subject.

This helps everyone and you pass on and share the knowledge that you have ( isn't that what quilting and craft is all about..sharing).

We always have International Instructors come here to Dubai normally each year, at great expense, then the class fees are high along with it, until we realised we have 80 members with a great deal of talent amongst them. So we have tapped that talent and found we have some very gifted people amongst us.

We have done various classes, a Kimono folded quilt, a Riki Timms, an origami folded quilt, needle cases and pinchushions, a Compass Quilt, a Kalidescope Quilt plus various Christmas wall hangings and techniques, there are others that I can't remember at this time.

A sample of my origami and Kimono folding

OH! and by the way I purchased these items also for the stash.


meggie said...

Hi Laurie, saw your comment on Ali's blog, so had to come to check you out.
What an interesting life you have led, & what a wonderful lot of travel to have had!
I presume you must have airconditioning in Dubai? It seems too hot for quilting??
I am a BOP girl originally, now live in NSW in OZ.

Margaret Cloud said...

What an amazing life you have had, all those countries and I am glad your children had a chance to experience the world also, just stopping by to say Hi.