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Monday, 25 August 2008

Getting to Pune ( Poona)

I forgot to mention that we flew Indian Airways, also that we flew

Business Class. and that I could get used to this, did mention it to the wage earner but the answer was not really printable..... I take that as meaning " No" and dream on .... Oh! well a good try.
Pune airport is like a really small provincial airport. For the business class lounge they simply give you a voucher that you take to the restaurant where they give you complimentry refreshments.
We did not get to use this as we had walked 8 steps from check in and were at the Immigation Dept (1 desk) 16 steps past this we were at the gate to board the aircraft ... from here we could not return past the immigration desk again.
Your boarding pass was checked by crossing off your passenger number on a sheet of paper, and of course we walked to the plane, amid the tactors taking the luggage and tankers filling the aircraft with fuel, the runway repairs and the general mele of people, amazing that the right people got on the right plane. which was parked about 20 meters from the door.
So laid back they were almost lying down.
I was fasinated by one sign which read....
If any member of staff asks for a bribe please report this to the airport authorities immediately.

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