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Sunday, 10 August 2008

I will not be on it...shame

Now I have never been a great fan of flying in the past ... but over the last 8 yrs planes have got better and better, and I actually look forward to flying.....

Emirates Airline flew there brand new Airbus 380 to America on 1st August visiting 5 states while there.

I would love to fly this aircraft, and it is going to fly all the long haul routes in time. Whee !! I thought I will get to leave here on a 380, as Melbourne and Sidney of course are 2 of their really long haul routes. You need to go via one of these places to get to NZ.....

But in their infinate wisdom Emirates have decided to go to New York first, then London starting on 1st December and then Sidney but not until February 2009.

I bet they don't realise that, this is to late for me as we leave here in Dec/Jan.

So that must be a good reason to come back again for a visit in the not to distant future.

But good news I have just read that Qantas will get their first Airbus 380 next month so there is another option open to me.


Liz Needle said...

Hi Laurie,

Returning the compliment and checking out your blog. it's great fun and i will check back regularly.


Liz Needle said...

I love your interesting blog. Such adventures. For this I have given you an award.

Check out my blog for details.