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Monday, 18 August 2008

Next UFO. read the instuctions

I have a Chuch pattern as per picture the same type of thing as the house with Christmas tree but the church has a stained glass window, the stained glass bit is all finished I just need to do hardanger / cross stitch church building.

The fabric is all ready to go centred and marked, the threads and fabric have been in a small project box for as long as the first one ... so this week I went off to my "Stitching Bee" armed with the UFO number 2.

I settled down to stitch and took out the pattern to begin ... strange I thought there is no centre arrow or any indication of the centre of the pattern, all cross stitch patterns etc start at the centre ..... I thought about this for sometime and decided umh! " a typing error or omitted by mistake"

so I proceeded to count the squares on the pattern and mark the centre across and up the sides, this took quite a while as we were talking all the while and I kept losing my place, so after at least half an hour I had it done.

Okay ready to go.

Now I have no idea why at this precise moment I decided to look at the instructions ...
YES!! you guessed it.....Instructions from Patricia Andrle the designer read as follows;

"I recommend starting at the bottom of the design, work lower portion of the border and then begin at the base of the church"

I seriously wonder why after doing hundreds of projects and numerous amounts of cross stitch and hardanger I think I know best.

So if all else fails as they say READ THE INSTRUCTIONS

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