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Friday, 5 September 2008

People we leave behind

One of the problems with being a transient family, living in different countries, is that you meet some wonderful people, some you say good bye to and that is that, others you stay in contact with Christmas cards and newsy emails catching up on ocassions.

Every now and again you meet some one or a family that find a place in your heart, this young family have done just that...

Introducing Tika and Phil and 31/2 year old twins Isobel and Neesha, they have become like family the girls even call us Granpa Eric and Gran Laurie, they have all their other grandparents but they are able sort us out and know who is who.

Tika is from Kathmandu Nepal ( Her Father was a Gurka and grew up in Hong Kong )and Phil from Wales UK he met Tika in Hong Kong where he was working on the new airport .... the twins were born in Hong Kong where their Mum and Dad were married.
Phil is at present attending a college here ( while also working as a QS on the Islands being reclaimed from the gulf) he is studing towards another qualification so they may migrate to Australia, at present they are very much "homeland free" they have no real home of their own they have lived over 3 yrs here in Dubai and hope Australia will be that place in the future.
They have built a villa in Cyprus but more of a holiday home than a base to grow roots.
So we will not be leaving them completely and we will hopefully see them on visits to NZ and Aussie so we can watch these cute little girls grow up.

So now we have 6 Grand Children..... 4 boys Ellis, Ben, Harvey and Alex and 2 adopted girls Neisha and Isobel.

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