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Monday, 13 October 2008

A lot of talking and things done.

So here in NZ things are getting back to normal after all the excitement of returning home.

I am still sort of homeless and staying in a neighbours house off and on with little stays with another neighbour. I have to move out of the house this weekend as Shirley's relatives have already booked it for four nights away by the lake and a break away from the city, but no problem there, I am just ultra grateful for the use of it.

A quick flit along the street to Lynne and Keith's and back into the spare room, Lynne and I have decided we must walk more and Saturday evening when there was "nothing " worth seeing on the TV, off we went we did not go far just looked around the neighbourhood at who had done what to their section, I learnt about the new people moved in, and the new houses that have been built and are up for sale before the owners have had chance to move in, guess this is a sign of the not so good economic situation at present. So we may not have walked far but we did a fair amount of talking.

I have caught up with the group who meet on a Friday and "stitch" lots of talking was done last Friday and not to much stitching.

I went along to Embroiders Guild and did some more talking there.

I have been to the Aquatic centre to check on the Aqua- Robics and the Aqua jogging, then went off to the shops for a new swim suit, my suit from Dubai has taken quite a hammering one way and another extremely well used and when I tried it on here it was a disgrace, faded and rotted with the chemicals in the pool.... I actually managed to get two ... a wonder really as I always struggle to get just one. So I am all fitted out and will be at the Aquatic Centre tomorrow morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed.

I then went to Skyline Skyrides to book my yearly pass, now that we are silver haired we get a great deal for just $18 a year you get to ride the Gondolas as many times as you wish and then you get 30% off all food and drink while at the top. Skyline Rides is worth a look if you have never seen them. They are situated just above our house on the Mount Ngongotaha, we live under this mountain and it saves our house from a lot of rain at times, but puts us into a frost area as it drops off the montain.

So a busy day in the sunshine.

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