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Friday, 14 November 2008

Grandma in demand

Last Tuesday Claire had to work on a day that is not
her normal one.
So Grandma got to spend a day with
Harvey, we went swimming, which we had to cut short when a small child "did a whoopsy" in the pool and of course they have to close the pool to clean and chemically treat it, so we went off and had lunch at McDonald's which I can ensure you was Harvey's choice and then spent an hour at the lake front watching the boats and seaplanes coming and going, besides feeding the birds with popcorn.
Harvey does not like dogs particularly, and there was a very large black shaggy dog sleeping on a shop front and when he saw it he must have jumped a meter in the air towards me... this was so amazing as his Dad ( my son) did not like dogs when small and did the self same thing on occasions, for me it was like reliving the same scenario with his son.

Then Thursday was Ben's day,

He had a "Non Contact Day" ( the mind boggles in our day it was called teachers training) and of course it has to fall on a day that neither Mum or Dad could take off, so Grandma to the rescue again and I drove to Hamilton and spent the day with him, this time we watched TV before going to the park beside a lake where they have a really good adventure playground.
Then to Subway for lunch this was Ben's choice.
After lunch we did some shopping for fruit, seems he likes strawberries so they were dutifully purchased and if allowed he would have eaten them all.
He also enjoyed at least an hour playing "Cafe"
My camper van has a sliding side door, which includes sliding windows in it.
Ben opened the window and closed the door and ran a cafe from it, I sat on a chair at the garden table close by and had to keep going to buy food and drink, one moment it was a McDonald's, then a Subway, then a pizza place. He also managed to put the prices up during the time....I think we have an budding business man on our hands.
When his parents returned home his Dad asked where he had been and Ben replied " The Park".
"Lovely" said his Dad " Did you drive there".
"Don't be silly Daddy I can't drive " was his reply " Grandma drove".
Not the answer his Dad expected.

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Margaret Cloud said...

Aren't Grandma's wonderful, they love their grandkids and are very good companions to them when dad and mom are busy. Thank you for sharing your days with the boy's.