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Sunday, 2 November 2008

Life and it's twists and turns

As everyone will see from the previous postings we are back in New Zealand.

After a wonderful wedding and time spent with the family life has now to come down to earth, our earth may be a little lower than the average just at present.
The time came to reflect on our marriage of 44 years and life together, after dicussions and heart searching we have decided to part company, all very mutual and amicable and no blame on either side.
Eric will do his own thing living once again in Dubai and I will follow my path here in Rotorua.
I have rejoined my Quilting group and Embroidery Guild, I hope to rejoin the Bowls club and get back on track ASAP, but I think this may take a little time

So please for give me for the lack of blogging for a little while, I will be back on track just as soon as I am able.
Thank you for the lovely messages left.

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Ali Honey said...

I'm not at all sure how to comment on a post like this. I know you would not have made the decision lightly so I can only say I wish you all the best and hope that life back in NZ is satisfactory ( it will be different )and that your quilting friends and family give you lots of support.
Thinking of you. Maybe sometime we can still get to meet up.
Hugs from Ali.