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Monday, 10 November 2008

Where have I been for the last few weeks

Not living in my own house, I have had to live else where of course, as mentioned before we have great neighbours.
I have been using Shirley's house an immediate neighbour, while she has been away on an overseas mission in Africa. This has been great having my own space.
When Eric returned to Dubai our other neighbours Lynne and Keith decided that staying on my own was not a good idea especially as it was not my own home, and they said I had to move into their spare room where there would be company for me. So I have been staying in this neat little house across the street from my house.
Lynne has some most beautiful Azaleia's and Rhodo's in her garden, I should have been quicker to take a picture but this morning when I did get around to it, the wind had gotten up and blown a lot of the flowers down.

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