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Monday, 2 February 2009

Another Quilt poem

This Watercolour quilt was made by a very good friend from Holland although she lives in USA it is called "Butterflies in the Attic"

********* ******** ********* *********
A Quilter
A quilter brings us comfort on the chilliest of nights.
With unseen hands she tucks us in and softly dims the lights.
What many others throw away,she knows that she can use.
She brings together every square, arranging varied hues.
With simple needle & mere thread,and batts without a form,
She sews each piece with tender love to keep us snug and warm.
The Lord has helped her understand the value of things old,
She swaddles us in memories
Each precious to behold.

Author unknown .....This poem is dedicated to all quilters everywhere

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