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Sunday, 22 February 2009

A Sew in Day

This is a picture of a couple of the Charity Quilts that we made in Dubai last year at a "Sew in Day".

But here in Rotorua yesterday Rainbow Quilters had the first of many "sew in days " to be held at weekends during this year, we meet around 10am to sew for the day .
On these occasions we will do our own projects or charity ones as we have them. Also on occasions we will have Tutors giving classes.
Yesterday 7 of us arrived and unpacked machines and UFO's and set to, we achieved an amazing amount during the day. Some were cutting for a new project, some were continuing a already started one and others putting the batting and backing on finished quilt tops.

We did a vast amount of talking, most of the day was taken up talking about our childhoods, it was neat to hear about others experiences with school memories etc.
It was amazing how although many of us were educated in different parts of the world, we did almost the same things at school.
One memory was sewing classes, whether you lived in NZ or Europe you did the compulsory
" school cookery apron" this was the first sewing project you tackled, I remember mine it was blue and white checked and it was unpicked ( reversed stitching as we call it now) so many times the fabric was almost unusable and so many snags where I had caught threads of the fabric while unpicking, of course this was also all hand stitched, machines were only used by the older girls. I remember having to sew my name across the front of the bib part in dark blue, I believe this was the only decent bit of the whole thing for my Mother had already taught me to embroider. I can imagine the sewing Mistress must have despaired of us.
May be someone should tape these conversations they would be a great source of social history in the future.

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