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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Social History / Diary keeping

After writing yesterdays blog. I continued looking at the blogs I follow, and there on Ali's blog was an artical about her records she keeps, then it got me to think about blog sites, what a great social history these would make in the future, it is just like diary keeping as the people of past times did.
When you think about history of any kind a lot of the information came from Diaries that were kept in the period. Although I must admit I would never have written so much in a diary.
Some of the comments on Ali's page people mentioned printing your blog or making a back up of it.
This really is a point to ponder on, for when you think about it if any thing happens to Blogger or any other blogsite, your blog will be gone into thin air.
So may be there is something to think about here.

If anyone has an amazing way of doing this I would be pleased to hear about it, rather than printing reams of paper.

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