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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

First day of Autumn.

Yesterday was the official first day of Autumn for this end of the world.
Wow ! it shows, the evenings are much cooler and the temperature just seem to drop as the sun disappears. The mornings are definitely darker and the sun seems to take longer to rise and heat up.
We have had an amazing summer this year with wonderful temperatures and long long sunny days it has lasted from October through till now, in fact the day temperatures are still in the mid 20's most days.
The time has come to close the windows and doors a little earlier in the evenings, then close the curtains and snuggle on the sofa.

If you live in the northern hemisphere you will be looking forward to spring, I hope you manage to get a lovely spring and summer this year I am given to understand that summer was almost non existent last year in Northern Europe. We will keep our fingers crossed for you down here at the bottom of the world.

Last year it was decided to extend " summer time" and our clocks here in NZ will be 2 weeks late in changing so we will be on the same time untill weekend of 4th / 5th April, then the clocks will move back 1 hour.
Just in case you have difficulty remembering whether the clocks should go forward or backwards here is a line I learnt all those years ago at school.

"You Spring forwards to the lambs and flowers and Fall ( Autumn) backwards to fruit and veg of harvest "
Here are some pictures for the northern hemisphere of your spring flowers and lambs, hope you don't have to wait to long for them, Spring was my favourite season when we lived in UK and I still miss it will for ever, just like the having Christmas here in the sun I will never get used to that if I live to be 100.

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Ali Honey said...

Wow, where was that Autumn photo taken - what fabulous colours!

I had a wee laugh at your stories below.
I haven't forgotten my voucher - bet you thought I had - we have just been too busy....sooon!