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Friday, 6 March 2009

A Friend to Stay

Last weekend a friend who we met all those years ago in Jordon came to stay from the UK.
Helen visited us while we were in Dubai and we were telling her of the wonders of New Zealand and how she should visit us here. Unbeknown to us Helen has an old school friend "Fran" who has been in NZ for about 30 yrs, living near Wellington, they keep in touch and Fran has also been telling Helen "come and visit".
So finally Helen booked a trip down under.
She was here for 3 weeks and spent time with Fran then took a tour of South Island before coming to Rotorua to visit with us.
We did all the tourist bits and spent long evenings talking in to the late hours.
I think Helen was very impressed with NZ and hopes to plan another trip in the future.

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