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Monday, 18 May 2009

Monday Morning

This morning we awoke to a foggy winter morning, now fog is not something we get a lot of in this area of New Zealand. I turned on the Heat Pumps and what joy instant heat, we are still awaiting removal of the wood burner.
The weekend gave us some really heavy showers, but Eric managed to get a fair bit of winter tidying done in the garden between showers, it was so sad to see the final remaining Dahlias cut down, but there does come a point where they have to go and yesterday was it.
Offically winter has not started yet ...but the daffodils are through the ground and some hyacinths as well, the fressias are also doing well, we still have strawberries but they are not turning red so fast now, we also have orchids sprouting new shoots.

I managed to do some sewing over the weekend and also tidy the sewing room.
Stumpwork name badge

I have finally finished a new name badge, this must be about the 3rd or 4th badge I have made, for some reason unknown to myself or why I manage to do it, they end up in the washing machine and that really does not do them a lot of good.


Ali Honey said...

Hi Laurie,
That's a good idea making a name badge that is attractive.
We will sort out a time we can make it over there within the next few weeks. The work on the through road has startted and it is closed 9 till 4 every day, so probably the weekends will be best. I'll discuss it with R.
Our bulbs are up too, but Autumn seems to be on hold with some of the trees and the vines are still very green. hugs Ali.

boysmum2 said...

Funny, I have that problem with tissues! Stones, paper and toys! And this is even after I have checked pockets!