Grandma and her boys

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Blackmail and children

Blackmail is not normally on my agenda but on occasions I think it is okay in the right situation.
We have such a one going on at present with Grandson no.2 ... Ben.

Just like his mother he is not a great drinker, whether it be water, milk, any juice or lemonade.
We had this with our daughter for years and now married with children of her own she still is not so great at drinking..... wonder where he inherited it from ?

We have arranged for Ben to spend a few days with us during the school holidays,

He will take a bottle of drink to school at 8.30am and bring it back untouched at 3 pm..... this is not good.
So Mum and Dad are using his trip to stay with us as an incentive to get him to drink.

So a star chart has been started and if it is lacking his chances of coming to Rotorua diminish day by day.

In a word this has got to be blackmail ... yes!
So drink up Ben we want to see you here with Grandad and Grandma.


Ali Honey said...

Might using a straw help? Or having an everyone drinking time( we are all going to sit down now and have a drink of .....water )

Ali Honey said...

Thanks for that. I know some ladies who will enjoy it too.