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Monday, 8 June 2009

Little House Neighbourhood

After seeing the Little House Needlework pictures and fell in love with them
I looked up on the net and decided to order the one I wanted for myself.
So today I have ordered the chart ... decision made
It is a really good feeling to just make a decision and to buy something frivolous It Will take a couple of weeks for it to arrive... looking forward to that.

I guess that is one of the good things about being past the period of life where every penny is ear marked for every day living, buying a home, educating and raising children and all that entails.

I watch with interest our children raising their families and see the need to conform with today's pressures, the material must haves and demands made on them by society in general.

I remember a period in our children's lives around the mid 70"s when labels on clothes first became the must have, as most parents we would not pay 3 times the price for shoes that supported the Nike Tick. I told our son that I would paint on a tick on any thing he would like and charge him nothing. We did hold out for a very long time......... but I guess the pressure got to us in the end just like all parents not to make our children different than the crowd and to give them their street credibility.

I am so pleased that I am not bringing up a family now with all the social life pressures that is put on everyone.

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Unknown said...

Hey Lauri,
Glad to hear you are feeling better. That sinusits is a killer. The first week I was here in Saudi I got it and just now getting over. Wish we had your cold spell, I am already tired of the heat. Well just 4 years and 10 months to go for retirement. God is good. Keep up the blog and emails. Love Inez