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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

So what have I been doing

Over the weekend of course we had the 65th Birthday party for Eric, and also Harvey's 5th, so we had lots of family and friends here to a great Drinks and nibbles Do on Saturday evening.
After the weekend this came from Kathryn's blog, I am sure she will not mind me putting it on mine to give you all a little smile.

Queen of England's Official Birthday......
Today is Queen's Birthday Weekend, so it is a Public Holiday for us.
Yea a day off work.
In the car yesterday on the way back from the Birthday Parties in Rotorua,
Ben heard on the radio that it was Queen's Birthday Weekend.
Now we have 2 more Birthday parties next weekend and 1 the weekend after.

So this charming little 5 year old piped up and casually asked "so are we going to the Queen's birthday party as well?'
Steve and I were wetting ourselves with laughter over this, just so Ben and just so cute.
We think the Queen would have quite a birthday party with Ben there to talk to her!

Now Kathryn and Steve were a little "poorly" over the weekend, and thanks to both of them I now have the "sore throat etc."But this made me sit and sew,

I was actually doing hand stitching instead of machine quilting, I don't seem to have done a lot of hand work for ages, Quilting seemed to take over.

I was doing a little Hardanger in preparation for a class I will be attending in a couple of months ( nothing like being ready in advance). I think I may have shown you these beauties before that we will be doing.

I have really enjoyed stitching and have vowed to get back to doing more, I saw this cross stitch pattern quite awhile back and have had it in mind to do.

so if anyone feels they must buy me a gift I would like this chart.

Little House Neighbourhood by Little house designs.

Now ..... we both love good expensive Danish Teak Furniture and have always managed to buy the best we can afford, and sometimes when we could ill afford too.

Our dining table is one of these pieces, a week or so ago a major catastrophe it has a heat mark on the surface, from whence it came we have no idea we always use mats, a suggestion was that may be one of our straw heat mats may have been damp and with the heat of a dish it would have caused steam and marked the surface of the table, the surface being oiled not polished the steam would have reacted with the oil.

We called the restorers, a very pleasant man called Grant came to look at the table and then told us how much it would be "WOW" now that is a light word on this occasion it should have been heavier believe me, so we called the Insurance company who agreed it was a claim....Thank goodness. The table went off this morning to be resurfaced, so we are eating off the garden table for a week. We have been assured by the restorers it will look 100% if not better when it is returned.

Plus we have also bought some extra protection cloth for the table to be used at all times.

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