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Thursday, 18 June 2009

The stuff of life

This week seems to have been filled with appointments either going to them or making them... or people coming to the house after we have called them.

We have both been to the optometrist and I have appointment at the dentist and a physio.
Eric has a date with the surgeon after an exploratory op he had a couple of weeks ago.
I had a lunch for Hospice Friends.
We both had a Rotary Dinner.
The chap came to see the cooker hob and oven and is coming back to put in the replacement parts.
The electrician came to see about an extractor fan in the kitchen, it is amazing, our house is about 20 yrs old and the previous owners had not thought about the problem.
We suffer with steam condensation in the winter, but the main thing I notice also a winter problem is the lingering odours from cooking right into the next day, so this must be getting into the fabrics and carpets... we also have taken our time to deal with know you mention it and say " we must do something" and by next day it has gone and you don't think again till the next time it happens. So the Electrician is searching out ceiling fans that have a filter, if they exist. A cooker hood is out of the question as our cooker is almost an "Island one" and a hood would be just not practical.

Our expensive dining table has been away to be resurfaced after a heat damage area was found, that is now back looks great, and they has put on a surface that you can clean with a wet cloth....sounds good to me....amazing technology.

God bless the insurance company the bill was a thousand + ....whew!!
So a busy week and it does not end there this is only Thursday.
I just don't know how all of this would have happened with out a diary or think if we had both been working as well. I now keep a diary on the side in the kitchen where every thing is written down, from appointments to birthdays, I call it the day book, if it is not in there it does not get done basically.... I think this has something to do with the age thing, although I have always made lists.


Ali Honey said...

Sounds like a busy time. Good luck with the Exhibition ! ( I've just been to a 2 hour meeting about ours, and the planning is going well; just 5 of us but we are sharing the jobs.)
I see you are having some chilly weather ( everywhere is ! )
Please post photos later, as I doubt I will get there.

Best Wishes to you both, Ali.

helen-mary said...

Check your local fancy kitchen shop. You can get a cooktop exhaust fan that slides down into the back of your counter. Very James Bond-ey.