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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Friday Stitching

On a Friday evening a small group of us get together
and stitch all manner of things beside quilting and embroidery.
Last night we made these lovely little felt pin cushions.
They were quite simple to make
and used such a small amount of felt.

Usually we do items one or other of us has found in a magazine
of course the quicker and simpler the better
but we have been know to get in to the realms
of somethings a lot more challenging.

One of our group moved to Rotorua from
Palmerston North ( 5 hours south of here)
where she stitched with a group just like ours.
She has stayed in contact with these ladies
and from time to time we do a swap with them.
This week we received a parcel containing swap pin cushions

This is the one I received.

In the shape of a handbag the flap opens
and inside is a needle case and pockets
Thank you Palmerston North ladies they were all beautiful

Ladies, Ours are winging there way to you as I type.

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