Grandma and her boys

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

School Holidays

Ben stayed with me for 6 nights we had a great time, and
he was as good as gold.
We played a lot of games and watched a few DVD's
and he learnt to sew on buttons.
I believe the highlight of his week was going to Rainbow Quilters
on the tuesday evening.
He was a hit with all the members and he was so proud to show
his fabric with all the buttons stitched on when
we had "Show and Tell" he just loved all the quilts and he 'oo'ed
and Haa'd in all the right places
We also spent some time on a few of the local playgrounds,
where Ben swung from Jungle Jims 6 ft from the ground
some times it was enough to turn the rest of my hair grey.

On one of the days Ellis and Harvey came while Mum was at work.
So my 3 little computer buffs spent a fair amount of time showing their
prowess on the computer
So it was a great week.
It was just a shame that the weather was so cold
and we had to spend so much time indoors

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