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Saturday, 4 July 2009

So what am I up to

A small snapshot of a few of my pincushions etc.
Here in Rotorua we are dealing with fog the last week, and as thick as "pea soup" today ...You don't hear this saying today, my Mother and Grandmother had a million sayings for every occasion wonder why we don't use them anymore ?
The temperatures have risen a slight degree or two, and most of the frosts have left us, may be I should not speak to soon. This is the worse winter I have known since coming to NZ, mind only been here 8yrs, and the last 2 yrs in the Middle East have not helped my tolerance of the cold.

So what have I been up to and doing these cold days. I am working on a framed hexagon hand stitched quilt so have quite a pile of finished 5 inch hexagons, will not join them until I think I have enough, .........the size ? don't know yet may be when I run out of backing fabric, so guess that will determine it.
Weekend before last saw the Rainbow Quilters Show it was a great success and we were really busy all weekend.
I am also an Embroiderer with Rotorua Embroidery Guild ( can't be anyone who did not know that snippet of info surely) and our regional exhibition is coming up in Rotorua 15th - 18th July worth a visit if you are this way.
I have an embroidered quilt that will be in this exhibition plus some other small items. Here is part of a block from the quilt

Fabric crafts have also been on the agenda a Suffolk puff Christmas tree and some Japanese purses, and of course my great love pincushions and needle cases.
I actually sorted my UFO's into a pile or two, there is quite a few but hey! have seen worse piles.
Keep cosy and warm, Happy stitching.

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