Grandma and her boys

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Rainbow Quilters use the Bridge Club Rooms for our meeting
These premises are very frequently not in use on a Saturday or Sunday.
so once a month the quilters make use of the facilities on a weekend

This last Sunday we had a UFO day
I am trying to finish my Spanish Disaster Quilt
when making it in Spain every thing went wrong
the list is to long to put here
I am now hand quilting it and it is going wrong here also
but it will be finished one day......

Shirley and Alison spent the day cutting circles for a quilt

Mhairi did some machine quilting
Ruth cut out a dress pattern
( Quilting ! well who says it has to be a Quilting UFO)
While others did various things.......
in all there was 10 of us and we had a very a great day
with every one doing what they enjoy with good company

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