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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

What has happened to the Men in our society

I normally try to speak about nice things on my blog.... I don't like blogs used as soap boxes......


Today, I witnessed a brute beating up his wife / partner at our local BP petrol station, this assault carried on for at least 10 minutes. Starting outside of the car and then in it, with full fist punches to her body and head in front of 2 small children ...... The garage people called the police. Then stood by and watched.

There are businesses all around the petrol station, Burger King, the AA, a Tire Rack business , plus the people who got out of their cars and an Equestrian shop. Everyone came out of their buildings and there must have been 12 or 15 men at least standing watching this thug carrying out this assault .

Do you know not anyone of them, as an individual or on mass lifted a hand or a foot to walk and assist this helpless women. I would say he was near to killing her........

What has happened to our society that grown men can stand by and watch this kind of thing....have we all gone PC nuts, or are they just frightened of getting involved or hurt themselves. What if it had been someone from their family a wife or daughter may be, I am sure they would have wanted someone to go to her assistance.

It is now 3 hours after the incident and I am still shaking with shear frustration that no one went to her help ... I am a 5ft scrap of nothing he was about 6ft tall how I wish I had had the strength to help.

The police by the way did not get there in time, although we did have the number of the car ....

I know what will happen, the police will go to his house and the woman who will be Sh*t scared of him will say there is "no problem ".

So I would like to say to all those men who just stood like lemons and watched,

" well done !! he has probably gotten away with it."

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Ali Honey said...

How ghastly.I'm not sure what another woman should do in that situation - try to help or not???
I think I might have been yelling at the other guys to step and stop it - don't know really.