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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Aqua Jogging to help climb a mountain

I realise it is important to try and keep fit but I have great
difficulty in running as I suffer with asthma on exertion,
I tried aerobics classes and basically became bored
and intimidated by the leotard swathed beauties,
the gym does not do a lot for me either although
I do like using a jogging machine.

I am quite happy in the water and will happily swim around
although I am not that strong a swimmer
While at the pool a few years ago there was a group Aqua Jogging
and I thought "Yes" that's for me.
So I have been exercising this way on and off for years,
but I must admit that I have been remiss in going for months now

but today I got up early and into my track suit and off to the pool
it was great and I enjoyed it, so my aim is 3 times a week.
There is also an Aqua aerobics class at the pool
so that will be on the timetable as well.

All this is the start of training for a "Real Women's Race"
to take place in February 2010
This consists of a 10km bike ride and a 5km walk......
My neighbour Lynne is taking part as well.
This does not sound like to much
but when you have done nothing in the way of exercise
for approx. 2 yrs is like climbing a mountain

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