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Friday, 7 August 2009

The Car

A few folk have mentioned the fact that may be
I should not accept the car after these problems.


I have spoken to various people
and the people in the car industry
( mechanics included from other auto places)
all said go with this vehicle, it has been checked
more than any car that ever left a factory

As long as every thing that has happened is documented
They suggest when I accept the car a letter is written to Hyundai
making sure they understand every thing that has gone on.
Also under what conditions I accept the car.

The car will still be completely warranted,
and I am sure the dealership will be very attentive.
I must say that so far I can not fault them
I have heard from them daily
and they have kept me up to date with every move.
They even took me to the work shop to talk to the mechanics
who also suggested I accept this car for the same reasons as above.
But ....
if there is anyone out there who can put a different view please contact me.

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