Grandma and her boys

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Just look at these and I have finally done it

These flowers are Magnolia and are enormous
my neighbour was cutting her boundry bushes
and this tree is between some fir trees and can not really be seen.
So she cuts the flowers and takes them inside to enjoy the beauty of them
she came across with some for me
they are so large each flower head is larger than my hand

All this sunshine has made get out and do things
I finally managed to clean the car
and the campervan yesterday
I have been looking at them for ages now
but every time I decide to do it ... down comes the rain

The grass also needs cutting so the company
who look after it for me will come in the next couple of days
to give it a tidy up.

I keep seeing things that need attention
so I just can't wait for more of this weather
to get out there and get started


SJ said...

the petals have a real nice combination of colors! =)

Isabella said...

We are still having rain every day so no car cleaning or gardening going on here, those magnolia look lovely.