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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Oh! What a day

So, I collected the new car
immediately picked up Mhairi and Sheryl
and headed to the quilt show
All went well for about 50 kms
when driving through a built up area there was a
great " clunk" in the bowels of the car,
and it did not seem to be driving with any umph.
But we were with in 2 kms of the show
So I did not give it to much thought.

After leaving the show we headed to a Shopping centre
about 15 minutes away
just before we reached our destination
the car gave a lurch and "crunch" again
now a light came on asking
for a check to be carried out .. it lost "umph" again
so I pulled up and contacted Hyundai
who sent out a mechanic almost straight away.

The car had gone into " limp home mode" the reason for no "umph".
This would allow you to drive at very low speed.
The car was checked as much as possible
nothing was found to be causing the problem
so the battery was disconnected to reset the computer
I was told to keep going, so off we went
approx 60 kms to home.

No such luck with in 15 kms way out on the country roads
just passing the only built up area between there and home
it all happened again,
so another call to Hyundai.
Out came a different mechanic who said the car was sick
and should not be driven..

After a lot of conversation with Hyundai
who said they were not responsible to get us home.
I will leave you to imagine the conversation
We were finally given a courtesy car
arranged from the mechanics garage
and the car was up lifted on to a breakdown truck.

We drove back to Rotorua followed by the breakdown truck
and the car was finally put down on my drive at 7.30pm
we should have been back by at least 5pm.
So there it has to stay till Monday
and the Hyundai dealer will be out to see it.

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Ali Honey said...

Hi Laurie,
As I am not giving to using bad language on friend's blogs I cannot say what I am thinking.

So sorry your day turned into a nightmare...sounds more stressful than my day! Also sorry I didn't have time to spend with you and your friends at the show. So glad it is over but a great success all in all.
No doubt you will tell us the NEXT INSTALLMENT of the NEW Car! ( NEW CAR FROM HELL? )