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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Sewing Machine is home

My sewing machine is home again and is purring beautifully I did not realise how bad it was until it had been repaired for the 2nd time.

The 2 nd repair man a reputable Brother Agent said I quote

"What ever had been done to it before had been a botched job, and the person who did it obviously did not have any idea of what they were doing".

But never mind all is fixed now.

So be aware, I took my machine to a patchwork / embroidery shop locally the 1st time and put my trust in them they said they had a chap who did Brother repairs but they used a repairman who dealt with " all machines" and was not an agent for Brother machines of course this was unknown to me at the time and they did not let on either.

The Brother Agent also said

These new machines are like most technology that is run by a computer programme, if any thing goes wrong they need to be fixed by an agent with the right computer programme and experience / training that will fix it.

so learn from my experience, make sure your repair man is a reputable agent for the make of machine you have before you let him loose on it.

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