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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Something from my garden

Today I awoke to the most glorious morning,
birds singing and sunshine
this is the picture from the window in the bedroom

I got up early and did the normal bits
and with a cup of coffee in hand took a walk around the garden
every thing is in flower the plum tree is full of blossom
also the flowering Cherry,

Azalea's are in full bloom and of course all the camellias
are laden with flowers,this time of year is the best
in my garden so much colour,
really welcome after a very depressing
and cold winter this year in NZ.

The orchids are just beautiful

I planted some miniature Tulips months ago
I had not forgotten them but I had thought they had forgotten me
but this morning this little one had appeared

Now one thing I have always longed for is my own Rhubarb plant
we have had lots of gardens in our life
but none that would have taken a rhubarb patch
I happened to mention this to my neighbour Shirley
in passing one day

There on the back step yesterday was my very own Rhubarb plant
I tell you it is like winning the lottery
such a little gift but much appreciated...thank you

In an earlier posting I mentioned my Cyclamen plants
that I just love to have around the house
Well this one just gave up the ghost and I put it for
the want of somewhere to drop it outside
on to one of my two elephants
( bought from Dubai to stand guard outside the rear door)
it was just about on it's last legs, but I gave it some water
and this is the result it has turned back into a flourishing plant.

I am sorry to have to say the sunshine was short lived
it is now 90 minutes later and the sun
has disappeared and the clouds have rolled in

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