Grandma and her boys

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Today's suprise

I have this small non discript cactus
that has just sat in a dish for years and years,
hardly ever changing size or shape
sometimes it just gets put on the garden table
ignored and unloved,
while we were in Dubai for 2 years
my sister in law had it on her front doorstep.

Since my return it came home
and was on our doorstep,
but once the frosts started I decided
may be it ought to come inside.
Today I noticed this beautiful flower
that it has produced all on it's own
I can take no credit, amazing what neglect
and nature can produce.
I also noticed it has produced some baby growths
I wonder what it is that makes it lie dormant,
for it must be 5 years I have had it ... then spring into life

1 comment:

Ali Honey said...

Great Surprise - I like that sort.
Glad you are feeling better - I will put up a few more photos for you to see.