Grandma and her boys

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Hamilton Craft and Quilt Fair

From left to right
Sheryl, Mhairi, Laurie, Beth, Sugi, Hetty
in the back ground the trusty camper van.

Today was Hamilton Craft and Quilt Fair
The quilts were fantastic

This quilt has not photographed well it was all applique
and then each item was stuffed thus all was in relief.

This is Jenny Bowker' s Hashim she stitched this in Egypt
while I was in Dubai I heard all about it
and it has won all sorts of prizes.

It was great to see it in the flesh as they say.

This quilt was made with fabric depicting NZ at first you do not
see what the fabric pattern is...but looking closer you see the back ground is sheep

Another that was just amazing with such suttle colours

I also loved this one

This wall hanging won best in show, idea came from back of an elevator door
in a hotel while the owner was on holiday in Canada or the USA.
Lots more pictures
Will post some more tomorrow


Isabella said...

so glad you enjoyed your girls day out at the quilt show, the quilts do look great

Unknown said...

hallo Laurie, thank you for sharing with us so many beautiful quilts, masterpieces.hugs