Grandma and her boys

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Unexpected company

This weekend I have unexpected company in the shape of these two sleeping angels.
Mum and Dad had some urgent things to do and asked if I could look after them over night
Alex the youngest has never stayed away from home since getting older before, so a first for him and he has a few reservations about the whole thing, so after great deliberation it was decided we would all sleep in Grandma's very large King size bed.

The best thing they liked best " The electric blanket" or the magic blanket as Alex called it, seems they would like Santa Claus to bring them one each so they can be toasty warm in their beds....a thought must add that to the may be list of this Santa's helper.
Could not decide on which picture to post so though Okay both !!

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Isabella said...

Lovely little angels have fun in the AM.