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Monday, 14 September 2009

Who is teaching our grand children what ?

Today I had an email from Kathryn saying

"Check out this website"


The artical on Alex at Kindergarten

We had spent the afternoon catching cockroaches that were living in the outside sunshade. Alex was particularly interested in this activity and encouraged his friends to get involved! I was talking to Alex after all the cockroaches had been caught (or escaped!) and asked him:
“How come you let your big cockroach go?”
Alex: “I just wanted this baby one, cause I like baby ones and you know why?...Cause I like babies.” “Cause I like things that come out of mummies and daddies tummies and they like me!”
(later that day...Alex: “put the picture of the baby cockroach in my portfolio.”)

Alex talks with Jessica about baby cockroaches


This artical was on a website

I must admit I know nothing about what this was all about,
but I believe it is a study of kids and their journey
" what is being taught to little's these days at Day Care"
But then he may have got these details from home ?

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