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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Spring Weather Yea!!!

I have this view each time I drive to town but this week has been a little different there is snow on Mt. Tarewera here in Rotorua

On Monday a freak snow storm left hundreds of people stranded and unable to return to their homes in New Zealand's central North Island.
A state of emergency was declared after heavy snow trapped around 700 people in their vehicles on two of the country's major roads.
The bad weather, which is highly irregular at this time of year, had people trapped for hours in there cars some all night, many were rescued by snow vehicles and taken to near by towns to take refuge in community centres.

This is so unheard of and lots of Farmers have lost 1000's of their new lambs as there was no warning of this storm, vegetable growers have lost their crops, they had just planted with in the last week or two some quoted as saying that the replanting will cost them tens of thousands of dollars
Along with the snow came torrential rain in other parts.
The snow was just an hour away from that is getting just to close for comfort. By this time of year we should be getting really pleasant weather by day if still a little cool by night.

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