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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Wisteria and Foxgloves

One of my dreams for the garden was to have a Wisteria
A few years back I finally planted one...It was destined never to grow.
The young lad who mowed our lawns regularly mowed it down.
So we moved it did not like where it was moved to, so it did not flourish.

When I returned from Dubai I was determined that it would grow
and moved it to a corner where it was protected from mowers
and anything else that may threaten it,
finally this spring it is doing something.
I at least have leaves.

Now this next wisteria picture you will see was planted at the same time as mine,
but it belongs to my neighbour and it is what mine should be like by now ....
but the picture above is what I have...
now I think my patience has paid off at last
so fingers crossed for next spring I may get a flower



I just love Pinkie purple foxgloves
I have water colour painted them, stitched them
and many years ago made them from pottery.

When we came to New Zealand I planted a packet of seeds
with a beautiful picture on the front of just such foxgloves...
But when they grew and flowered there was all the white
and peach coloured flowers you could ever want...

what happened to the pinkie ones?
Goodness knows!!

I have not planted any more since but this year
instead of the white and peach...low and behold I have pinkie purple...Why??

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