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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Christmas Cake

For some reason I have not made a Christmas cake for years now.
This morning I had a bit of a brainwave and thought I should make one.
So I collected all most all the ingredients together, what I did not have it went with out, but had all the essentials.
So for the last hour or so there has been this wonderful smell around the house bringing back allsorts of memories from my childhood.

I remember my mother cooking the Christmas cake, it was a family affair we all stirred and ate the mixture as she added to it, I can not understand how she had enough of the mixture by the time 4 of us had had our fill of the uncooked mixture... I guess she made more than required to allow for this.
She also made a cake for my Grandma and Grandad as it was economical to do it together as they only required a small one.
This also reminds me of the Christmas puddings.
We had a gas copper (boiler) for the laundry which she would fill with water, then mum used to make an enormous mix of fruit pudding batter and fill sometimes 10 or 12 pudding basins, tyeing them up with greaseproof paper and a pudding cloth, the placing them into the boiling copper for  5 or 6 hours to cook.
These were then passed around the family to her sisters and brothers... Mum would make them and every one would pay for their share of the ingredients and gas to cook them. This must have come about because of the depression times after the WW2.

Well with luck my cake will look like this when it is iced in a few weeks, but firstly I have to feed it once or twice a week with sherry. I also made a small one to eat now un-iced

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