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Monday, 30 November 2009

It is Monday again

Well ! it is Monday again the time seems to fly by with out me noticing lately, I found this picture I think it sums it up very well for me.

I must not complain about my diary being full but sometimes I feel I am may be doing to much, or is it just the season of over load. I have a list as long as my arm of jobs around the house a lot of them are painting and I really must get to it...I don't want to say around to it or I will get all the bad jokes on that saying.

Just to top the lot I have taken on something else our local Anglican Church needs a body to vacuum for them once a week... now this is not as onerous as it sounds the church is just a tiny little wooden church holding about 40 people and is all nice new carpets, this makes me feel good like giving something back to the community... it also has a small remuneration that goes with it, will pay the petrol.

But this has bought another thing along with it... While talking to a young neighbour about this "little cleaning job" The neighbour said she would love to have someone clean for her, she is a single Mum and has a full time job at the college teaching hairdressing, and finding it hard to keep up with house work and spending time cooking for and caring for her children, so yes! Bet you have guessed ...I am going to do some of her house work for her, just an hour or so a week, I have that time no problem... I will have a real feel good factor that she will not be so stressed. Plus the small remuneration it will bring will help with the rest of the petrol.

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boysmum2 said...

That will make all the difference to Jill's life with everything that has been happening lately and I think it is an awesome thing to do even if she is paying you. It will be money well spent, I can't wait for Alex to go to school so I can start to look at getting someone in once a week to do some basics that just make all the difference.