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Friday, 13 November 2009

My Quilting / Sewing Machine

Yesterday I travelled to Hamilton  about an hour and half drive to the machine repairers.
The main purpose of the visit was to test drive a new machine, after looking at the pros and cons of a couple of machines and sorting out which one did what and how, I then asked a few more questions and the lady asked a few back of me and between us we decided the machine I was looking at was not suitable for all I wanted it to do.
She then suggested that I look at the Brother Innovis QC-100 a Quilting machine. I thought this machine was just a quilter with basic stitches and straight sewing but oh! no I was wrong.

 I was amazed it actually does everything any other machine does with out the embroidery unit...that is okay for I did not particularly want a embroidery unit,  I embroider by hand and would have a dreadful time if I told all the Embroidery guild ladies that I had bought an embroidery machine.

 So here it is

This is not a good picture but best I could find on the internet.

This all sounds as though it is going to be just what I need it comes with:
Knee lift, sissors, double thread ability
 a  large work table area, 517 built in stitches  but actually 127, will make 517 in combinations
Custom stitching and side ways feed, sews side ways left and right.
auto needle threading ( got to be a bonus)
Quilting patterns and stitches, auto stippling this bit is amazing, I can't wait to try it.
Auto continuous pressure system...detects fabric thickness as you sew and corrects the foot pressure
The one thing about it that is different from my old machine is it is double the size
But I have a tote on wheels that will make it transportable.
I have ordered it and it should be here in approx. 10 days ...can't wait.

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