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Monday, 7 December 2009

Christmas Decorations

That time has come again to put up the Christmas decorations.
I was looking at some of mine as I was choosing which ones will grace the house this year, as I have quite a few and far to many to display each year.

This bough  I saw in a garden centre in UK must be 18 years ago
 now it was expensive then but one of those things you just have to have,
I have never been sorry I bought it.

This cushion  I made from a panel quillted it then embellished it with gold beads.
Do you remember the panels you could buy, you would get 2 on a width of the fabric
Oh my! that was 22 years ago now.....
Wow this is a trip down memory lane if there ever was one.

So what will bring back memories in years to come, this wall hanging 
made in Bharain a couple of years ago,
and this Santa that I recieved as a secret santa gift at Rotary Inner Wheel this year.

I have this basket with a lid which hold stones and shells,
I took a few of the table decorations and put them along
with the shells and stones and it looks so neat

When we lived in Spain I had no decorations to speak of, I bought a few bits and pieces some lights and candles. These candles and the ivy , topped it off with a ring  shaped decoration piece
For some reason I loved it and have repeated it evey year since.

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