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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Christmas Tour at my house

A couple of years back a few bloggers did a tour of there house at Christmas for everyone
to see there treasures so here are a few of mine

I bought this really cute Nativity while we were living in Spain

A few years back in fact quite a few years back we had a small lounge and there was no where to put a tree, and I saw this one which hangs on the wall in a garden centre and thought "Yes" that is the answer to my problem

"The living "  table decoration for this year

My Lillyput Lane Cottages these all have snow on them
so are just right for Christmas these few are just a taste of the
50 I have collected

The Villeroy Bosh candle sticks that I treated myself to
in Kuwait in 1979
 I have 2 of these and I just love them

Today is Christmas in our house as I have to be in two different places on the one day,
so Iain and Claire , Ellis and Harvey will be having dinner with me today,
the photo shows up the creases in the table cloth...bother


Isabella said...

what lovely things you have ther I just love your cottages, I have juststarted to collect willowtree figurines you know the ones without faces.

Argery Araya C. said...

Estimada amiga que bonita le ha quedado este mantel y la decoracion , la felicito, un abrazo a la distancia y que este nuevo año este lleno de bendiciones para ti y su familia.