Grandma and her boys

Sunday, 20 December 2009

New Machine test pieces

I have played with my new machine a few times over the last week doing test pieces
working out "what it does" and " how it does it"
After one or two sheets of calico fabric filled with stitches etc
I decided this was a unproductive exercise.

So while testing all the different stitches I would actually make something
so here is what I produced.

5 crazy patchwork pin cushions


Ali Honey said...

Ah, I had been waiting for this post! - to hear how the much awaited new machine was performing! Looks good so far. Are you pleased with it????

I love all your Christmas treasures from other parts of the world.I have never seen a hanging Christmas tree but it sure is a good idea!

Isabella said...

Well now thats a much better idea I should rty out the stitches on mine too.