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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Cat on Computer

I spent a great deal of yesterday afternoon on the computer sorting out things and deleting copious amounts of the stuff that collects in various folders especially the Temporary Internet folder and defragmenting...Whee the computer works twice as fast now.  A tip from an IT friend clean up your desk top remove unused  short cuts these slow the opening of your computer when you turn it on....True it does you know.

So what is with the Cat...well he insists on sitting very close to the computer when ever I am on it

Move him across and with in 30 seconds he is back down the left hand side...
I was daft enough to think he just wanted to be close to me...then I realised why he insists on sitting or laying there... it is the fan keeping the laptop cool and it blows out warm air that side... silly me I thought he wanted to be close to me.. fooled again.

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