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Sunday, 24 January 2010

A day of good intensions, a good breakfast and some sewing

Yesterday I spent quite a long afternoon in the garden trimming and pruning and generally making things look more presentable, as mentioned the other day we have had some storms and the flowers took a bashing and the trees lost a few smaller branches, so a lot of dead heading to do and picking up debris.
I also trimmed the Plum Tree, this tree was planted 5yrs ago and it finally produced some fruit this year, I have had 3 dishes like this one it is a Black Doris so they are quite sweet but not yet ready to eat. Hopefully next season it will produce a few more

So today's good intention was !! ... to continue in the garden but when I finally got around to it I was not in the mood...over did it yesterday I would guess.
So I have been in the sewing room and produced these for my " present stash" I try to keep some things made ready so when I have to produce a gift at short notice...voila! there is one in the stash..

I love making  small  "thread" rubbish bins they are a real "no brain-er" once you know how to do them. it always amazes me how each one turns out so different from the last, I think it depends on the fabric used, some fabrics are stiffer than others thus it  will stand well and a soft fabric like the pink one, will just not stand so well,  So I would suggest more stuffing for softer fabrics.

I also tried a lovely Porridge dish for breakfast today.....
Banana Porridge
I expect everyone has heard of it and I was the one who had not ...but here goes just in case you have not heard of it....

Add a half a mashed  banana to your porridge a minute before it is finished cooking
then serve and top with rest of banana and a large spoon of  real maple syrup.
It was delicious and  gives you good things to help lower the colesterol

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Meggie said...

Oh how I miss Black Doris Plums. When we lived in NZ we could buy tinned Black Doris, but never see them here in OZ, nor do they ever seem to sell them in the fruit shops.
Those little baskets are very cute.