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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Holiday booking

I have just spent an hour or so booking our up and coming train journey through New Zealand.
So March 2nd sees Prue, Mhairi and myself climb aboard the Overlander train from Hamilton to Wellington which is just a mere 11hours of train journey, the next day we will cross the Cook Strait by ferry to Picton and the the Coastal train to Christchurch.
 The return journey will be the same in reverse.
I am getting so excited I have wanted to do this adventure for ages now and finally I have made the decision to go for here are few pictures of what we will see.

Ferry across the Cook Strait
I wish it was always this calm it can be one of the most awful crossings, but as soon as you get over the Strait you then cruise up the estuary to Picton and it is beautiful.


By Hoki Quilts said...

Laurie it's such a shame you are not doing the Trans Alpine too, it's such a beautiful trip in to the depths of Lord of the Rings country, and I could be at the other end to meet you - shame, but have a great trip. It sounds so much fun.

Jenny said...

Ditto to that, I was thinking that same thought myself. If you have the time to spare while you are at Chch it is certainly a train trip worth taking. You can either go there and back on the same day, or take the more leisurely option and stay overnight, sightseeing in Hokitika is added to this trip.