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Monday, 22 February 2010

Pin cushion construction.

While I re-couped on Friday, I was looking at some Embroidery  magazines. In one was some pin cushions made out of all sorts of containers... so I had a look and found a couple of different things I could make them from and finally made this one. Or should it be constructed this one ...for it was mainly constructing it to fit the container, and some glue....but must admit it was fun to do.

The base is a Candle Holder the candle is long gone, and for some reason best known to someone else  for I have no idea why I  kept the base it is only 2 inches across.
So I had great fun making what do I do with it?

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By Hoki Quilts said...

You use it dear Laurie, dear Laurie, dear Laurie.
Your use it dear Laurie
You use it , that's what.
I bet that tune is going to stay with you for a while now - LOL
hugs - Miche'le